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We distribute a wide range of quality 100% recycled Douglas-fir products including flooring, beams, paneling, siding, moldings, decking and stair treads. Give us a call for more information or to request a free sample. Visit our gallery to view more pictures.

Antique Wide-Plank Floors

The History Decades ago,  loggers commonly floated timber down rivers as a fairly inexpensive method of transporting lumber. They kept the floating lumber together by assembling it into large rafts and fastening the perimeters with premium Douglas fir “boomstick” logs (see photo). As transportation evolved, this method was abandoned and so were the boomsticks who sunk to the depths of the currents or were left neglected at the riverbank. Today, these historic logs are being reclaimed after many years of peaceful slumber in cold oxygen-starved waters. The perfectly preserved old growth wood is brought back to life by being milled into beautiful new floors that are slightly marked with faint mineral stains for a look that resonates rich character as its rich history.

Our floors are a true work of art. Like preserving antique furniture, we respect and celebrate this finite resource as well as our nation’s history. And because this native wood is milled locally with exceptional quality and craftsmanship, in the end, you get something that’s much more than a floor–you experience the true beauty and unmatched character of salvaged wood and bring a piece of ageless history into your home or workplace.

Pricing: starting at $5.00/sq.ft.


• Unfinished
• Mixed grain (CVG available in 3-1/4″ only)
• 3/4″ thick
• Tongue & groove (unmatched ends)
• 6′ to 14′ lengths

Widths: 3-1/4″, 5-1/4″, 7-1/4″, & 9″.

Textures: face planed, band sawn & circle sawn. Additional $1.00/sq.ft. for saw finishes.

Pre-Finished Antique Floors

For those who need the job done faster or who’d like to do it themselves, we now offer the same beautiful salvaged fir floors prefinished. Each plank is selected, prepared and finished by hand–resulting in a quality product that’s local, green and beautiful.

Pricing: starting at $8.00/sq.ft.


• 3/4″ thick
• Tongue & groove (unmatched ends)
• Micro-beveled edges
• 2′ to 10′ lengths
• Tung oil finish

Floor Installation & Finishing

Whether you hire us to install your reclaimed floors or choose to tackle it as a do-it-yourself project, we’ll make sure to provide you with step-by-step instructions and expert advise from subfloor to finish.

Wide-plank pine was just about the only material used for floors by the early settlers. Wonder how they installed it? The common practice was face nailing the boards. Since most wood products will tend to shift after milling, this method kept floors secure and minimized any movement throughout the seasons.

Though this isn’t the only way to install our floors, as many seek to recreate that historic look today, face nailing floors with old-fashioned, square-headed steel cut nails has become very popular. Aside from stability benefits, cut nails give our wide plank floors a beautiful rustic look which dates back to homes built hundreds of years ago.

If you wish to avoid face nails, our 3 widest plank sizes can also be blind-nailed and glued down straight to the subfloor.

We recommend using a high-quality tung oil to finish our floors. Tung oil penetrates deep into the wood’s grain, sealing it from water as well as drawing out those warm pumpkin & honey tones and allowing the wood to develop a rich patina over time.

Another advantage to our wide plank floors is that they can be installed without heavy sanding–and since sanding is the most difficult part of any wood floor installation, bypassing this step will save you time and money. Planed floors come with a rustic old-world charm straight from the mill.

Have questions about our products or installation? Contact us! We also provide many unfinished and prefinished hardwoods and flooring such as oak, maple, bamboo and more!

NOTE: Our wood products are milled to order and all sales are subject to the following Terms & Policies